Heavy Duty suspension upgrade for 4×4 (LIFT KIT)

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Suspension reinforcement and lifting kit for Ford Transit MK8 and MK9 4×4 with a gross vehicle weight of 3500kg.
Ideal for heavy camper vans where the fixed weight is from 3000kg upwards. The kit includes engineered springs, Australian Pedders Trakryder shock absorbers and modified front shock absorber seats. The kit does not interfere with the original handling characteristics of the vehicle, and eliminates the “floating” feeling of built-up cars. Provides additional ground clearance and suspension travel which is severely limited in the Transit AWD.
The easy-to-install kit does not require any structural changes, so that the car remains fully original, retrofitted with branded approved components. Inspections and road tests are not a problem in its case! Installation can be carried out by any good mechanic.
Please note that the kit is designed for vehicles weighing from 3000kg upwards, in the case of lighter vehicles it may cause too much suspension stiffness and shorten the life of the front axles and joints.
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